Berny Bacic
Artist & Designer

With a career that has been built over more than 25 years, Berny Bacic has established herself as a leading graphic designer and art director, through her brand design studio Burrow. Her design and branding portfolio consists of brands such as NSW Health, Westpac, Australian Payments Network, Independent Review Office, NSW EPA, RANZCR, Western Sydney Airport and JCA to name a few. As a graphic and brand designer for large corporates, she has brought a world of colour, emotion and meaning to many traditional brands, deepening their cultural resonance.

Outside of her commercial brand work, she is a visual artist, and has recently combined her design thinking with a range of artistic mediums to create unique artworks and patterns which carry an intelligence and depth of composition built clearly upon design foundations. Having had her artwork exhibited at Saatchi’s The Other Art Fair, The Affordable Art Fair, solo and duo art exhibitions in 2022 and gallery representation, Berny’s artworks have now attracted an international audience, with pieces selling in the US and South East Asia. She has been commissioned for both public and private spaces.

In late 2022, Berny launched her first fabric collection at the Design Show and was awarded the Editor’s Choice Award in the textile and flooring category. Berny’s style of painting and surface design, which can only be described as Design Art, feature the structural elements and visual balance of great design, but indulge colour and textures in a way that brings to life a range of emotional layers. What results is something abstract yet poignant.

‘My work is confined within very structured and geometric shapes, that are given layers through colour and texture. This tension between the restrained and the free—the discipline of design and the liberty of expression—is where my work comes into its own.

To my mind, this is Design Art.’

~ Berny Bacic

Clients I’ve worked with across both art and design projects include:

Bennett Murada Architects

Curatorial + Co

The Westpac Group

Australian Payments Network

Kuringai Council

NSW Health


Gallery Representation

SIBU Gallery – Sydney



Design Show 2022 – Editors Choice Award WINNER – Textiles & Flooring Category


Exhibitions and Fairs

Affordable Art Fair – SIBU Gallery, SYDNEY & MELBOURNE 2023
Design Show MELBOURNE 2023
Design Show SYDNEY 2022
Affordable Art Fair – SIBU Gallery, SYDNEY & MELBOURNE 2022
DUO EXHIBITION – Weswal Gallery 2022
Decor and Design Show MELBOURNE 2022
The Other Art Fair, MAR & DEC 2021